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Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death suits are filed when the wrongful conduct of a person or entity results in the death of another person. Unlike a personal injury case, where the injured person is one of the plaintiffs, in the case of a wrongful death action or suit, the family members bring the lawsuit for the wrongful actions. Oftentimes, it is the victim’s surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries or dependents who are the plaintiffs and are entitled to monetary damages that result from the victim’s death. Generally, lawsuits are allowed under survival statutes, which allow a victim’s survivors to bring a cause of action after the victim dies. The legal right to sue ends at the 2-year mark of the accident, so it is important not to waste time and effort and let wrongful death attorneys do the work for you in a timely manner.


Different types of monetary compensation and damages can be awarded and recovered by an experienced wrongful death lawyer. Potential damages and losses will be covered in the damages. Loss of companionship, earning ability, grief of loved ones and lost wages are some of the examples of damages that can be addressed and sought after. Experts and investigators are crucial in the beginning stages of litigating wrongful death cases because evidence needs to be gathered and if there was a will involving the deceased that needs to be reviewed as well. All of this is to make sure that justice is provided to the family and that the intentional and egregious conduct that caused the death is punished.


We have over 25 years of experience litigating wrongful death suits and we know how delicate and emotional a wrongful death issue can be for the family involved. We want to make this time as easy and painless as possible for you. We work hard with a great team of efficient and intelligent wrongful death attorneys who know how to finagle insurance adjusters and corporations or companies into acquiescing and providing you and your family the settlement you deserve.


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